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Specialties /Spécialisation //

Doctor Thomas I Fodor, M.D. is specialized in sports medicine and arthroscopic reconstructive sports surgery as well as adult reconstructive joint surgery. Trauma and orthopedic trauma surgery is also part of his expertise. 



-Knee arthroscopy, addressing all the intra-articular pathologies of the knee through key hole surgery. Meniscal repair and fixation. Meniscal root repair. ACL/PCL reconstructive surgery.  Osteochondral defects, fixation and or grafting. Femoro-patellar pathologies, with realignment surgeries.


-Shoulder arthroscopy, addressing all the intra-articular pathologies of the shoulder through key hole surgery. Rotator cuff repair and fixation, superior capsular repair SCR, instability surgery for anterior dislocation of the shoulder, multidirectional instabilities , AC joint instabilities, dislocation and arthritis, biceps repair and sub-pectoral fixation.


-Elbow arthroscopy, addressing all the intra-articular pathologies of the elbow through key hole surgery. Removal of loose bodies, olecranon fossa decompression, anterior decompression, osteochondral fragments.



-Hip arthroscopy, addressing all the intra-articular pathologies of the hip through key hole surgery. Acetabular labral tears, debridement and fixation, loose bodies, CAM and Pincer lesions.


-Ankle arthroscopy, addressing all the intra-articular pathologies of the ankle through key hole surgery. osteochondral fragment fixation, loose bodies, anterior decompression for anterior osteophyte, antero-lateral decompression for anterolateral impingement, posterior impingement (os trigonum), antero-lateral instability, with talo-fibularis ligament reconstruction.



Doctor Thomas I Fodor, M.D. is an experimented trauma surgeon (chief orthopedic resident at a trauma Level I center in NYC), specialized in ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation of all long bones fractures (humerus, ulnae, radius, femur tibia, fibula) as well as clavicular fractures. Complex fractures of the shoulder, distal radius (wrist), hip, knee, ankle and foot are also part of his speciality.



Before any total joint replacement surgery, one should consider joint preservation surgery by means of realignment/osteotomy of the affected joint, thus enabling prolonged survival of that articulation, and avoiding an irreversible total joint implant which by definition will have a limited lifespan.

These open or closed wedge osteotomies can be mostly performed around the proximal humerus, knee and hip, as well around the ankle and calcaneum.

Finally if any joint preservation surgery is unwarranted, total joint arthroplasty with minimal invasive approach of the shoulder, hip and knee will be performed by Doctor Thomas I Fodor, M.D.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Doctor Thomas I. Fodor, M.D. has acquired an extensive experience of foot and ankle surgery during his training in NYC, NY, and was lucky enough to collaborate with Doctor

Melvin Jahss, MD† and other pioneers of foot and ankle surgery at Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute.  Hallux valgus surgery, Taylor's bunion surgery, lesser toes deformities, plantar plate reconstruction, arthrodesis/joint fusion of the greater toe, ankle, of the Lisfranc and Choppart joints, and subtler joint are all part of the procedures performed on a regular basis by Doctor Thomas I Fodor, M.D:

Sports Medicine and Rehab 

Doctor Thomas I. Fodor, M.D. has acquired an extensive experience in Sports medicine during his stay at the Hospital for Joint Diseases and Orthopaedic Institute in Manhattan, NY. He does have years of experience in treating sports injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and does have access to a vaste network of professional health care providers in physiotherapy, osteopathy, alternative medicine etc.

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